COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Village of Key Biscayne
Village of Key Biscayne 


I write this because I am concerned by what I am seeing with regard to reaction to the COVID-19. I see grocery shelves unnecessarily cleared of supplies, and I see people not taking the actions of government and private concerns seriously. Where we have closed schools and cancelled sporting events, concerts and shows, people continue to engage in behavior, albeit unconsciously, that potentially puts some of our most vulnerable at risk.

This country’s reaction to 9/11 should inform the way we react to the current pandemic. After those attacks, we really came together as a people. We looked out for one another. There was a real sense that we were all in it together.

That’s what we need now. The enemy may be microscopic, but it could prove just as deadly for some people in our society. We need to do what we can to stand in solidarity with those who are most at risk. It may involve personal hardship – limiting our social interactions, not taking the vacations we’ve been looking forward to, etc., but we need to come together, to do what is best for everyone in our community. It could save lives and shorten the length of the crisis.

I’m not advocating for a complete shutdown of all social interaction. I understand that we all are going to need intermittent breaks, and I want us to do what we can to support our local businesses. But, please don’t treat this as extra time off. Stay home when you can and keep your kids from socializing too much.

We are really at the beginning of this event. I hope that we are being overly cautious and much of what we are advocating will be proven to have been unnecessary. But, in an abundance of caution, we need to continue to treat this pandemic with the seriousness that all levels of government are treating it. If we work together, we can make a positive effort to limit the spread of the disease and its impact on those at risk.


Michael W. Davey

Mayor for the Village of Key Biscayne

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