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Boys Competitive Teams (Ages U8/2016-U19/2006)

Girls Competitive Teams (Ages U9/2015-U17/2008)

Registration to a Competitive team is by invitation only via email directly by one of our directors.  You will receive an email from the club notifying you if you have been selected for one of our teams.  If you accept to play for a Competitive team, you are committing to a 10-month season (August-May) to play for KBSC.  There will be important holiday weekends when all players are expected to play in tournaments, cups, and league games.

When a player registers they will be asked to make a Deposit payment and commit to paying the full registration fee for the season.  Based on your commitment, we hire our coaches, pay for the player’s insurance, league and cup fees, and equipment for a full season.  All registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.* 


If a player requests a “player transfer” to play for another youth soccer club, s/he must notify the Director of the appropriate age group to formally request a release. The request will be evaluated by the KBSC and the decision to release a player from the club remains solely at the discretion of the KBSC Directors. Any player granted a release prior to December 31st will pay a $500 “release fee.”  A player requesting a release from January 1st to April 30th will pay a $350 “release fee” to the club.


JR Academy (Ages 11-16)

Intramural / Pre-Academy (Ages 5-10)

PeeWee (Ages 3-4)

Our programs are split into 3 seasons:  Fall/Winter/Spring. Each season is 3 months in duration. We expect all parents that register a player for a season to make a commitment to play for that entire season. After one (1) week of registration and receipt, your payments will be NON-REFUNDABLE.*

Parents will have the option to pay in full (9 months) or in monthly installments during the year.  We will allow parents to opt out prior to every 3-month period.  If they wish to discontinue participation, but they must notify the club at least 15 days prior to the start of the next training season to deactivate the monthly installment plan. Failure to notify KBSC, we will assume the player will continue for the next season and be charged accordingly. New players are encouraged to come and try a practice session before registering.  Once you make the 1st payment, NO REFUNDS. 

Parents have the option to pay through a payment plan or to pay in Fu. For those who wish to know more about the payment plan process and have any questions about how to resolve a dispute, click below:



We recognize there are certain events that can transpire during the season that alter the player’s ability to continue to play on a team/program. If this occurs, the club will evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis to determine special exceptions.  Under a special exception, a player will be charged only for the initial deposit and responsible for fees incurred up to the period that the player could no longer participate in the program. Refunds will be applied on a pro-rata basis. Certain conditions qualify for a Special Exception:

1.  Family/player moves to another residence outside of Miami-Dade.

2.  Temporary or permanent illness that precludes the player from playing for a minimum 3-month period.  A letter from a physician will be required.

3.  A season-ending injury that will not allow the player to continue.  A medical evaluation and a letter from a physician will be required.


We encourage all players that register with KBSC to be insured through their parent’s health insurance plan.  We provide additional supplemental insurance for all club programs.  In addition, all Competitive team registered players in FYSA have additional insurance coverage.  Should your child have an injury that requires medical attention, please contact us at  For more details about the FYSA insurance coverage, click on this link:

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