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Competitive Program 

A program designed for boys and girls that exhibit the talent and commitment to participate in competitive leagues in the South Florida. They will be trained by certified coaches and developed the skills to compete at various levels of competition. The 9-10 month program has two seasons (3 payment installment option):

All teams will be placed in the appropriate league based on their skill level and compete against teams from other communities. Travel will be required on most weekends during the season. The Competitive Program requires a personal time and financial commitment from the player and parent(s). When chosen to play for a Competitive team, the player understands that s/he is committing to participate in all team functions which include practices, league games, and tournaments. Many tournaments are scheduled over Holiday weekends. Please review our Competitive Program requirements. If you feel you cannot make the commitment, you should consider entering your child in the Intramural or KBSC Jr. Academy programs.

Jr. Academy

Last season a new program was created to for boys ages of U10 (2007), U11 (2006), U12 (2005), U13 (2004) and beginner players born 2003. This program is designed to focus onplayer development so they can rapidly acquire the skills and advance from the beginner's level or those who would like to improve their skills further to play in the Competitive TravelProgram. We not only focus on soccer skills and knowledge of the game, but we emphasize self-esteem and emotional well-being as well. This program creates a bridge betweenRecreational (Intramural) soccer and the Competitive Travel. The program followthe same calendar as the Competitive Travel Program above.

The Jr. Academy Program concentrates on the following goals and objectives.
  1. A stress-free atmosphere to expose players to the game, emphasizing skill development in a competitive environment that encourages players to flourish; and a focus on quality and long-term benefits rather than short-term gain in an age-appropriate development process.
  2. An educational atmosphere for players and parents concerning club values. 
While the Academy functions in a competitive atmosphere, competition is not the foremost objective. We urge our coaches and parents to give each player continuous encouragement based upon each individual player's needs. Parents should expect to see  changes in levels of play as the player matures. 

There are 3 distinct sessions for Jr. Academy

Cost includes uniform (2 shirts, shorts, socks)

Pre-Season Training:          September 6 - October 28 

Tuesday & Thursday:   U10-11  5:00-6:15  Village Green North  CRANDON PARK 
U12-13  6:15-7:30 Village Green North CRANDON PARK 
Cost: $160
Fall Season:                            November 1- February 16
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday  U10-11  5:00-6:15  CRANDON PARK (north entrance)
U12-13 6:15-7:30 Crandon Park
Games on Fridays on the Crandon Park
Cost: $375

Spring Season:                       Feb 28 - May 18

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday  U10-11  5:00-6:15  Crandon Park
U12-13 6:15-7:30 Crandon Park
Games on Fridays at Crandon Park
Cost: $325

Intramural (Recreational) Program/FALL 2016 Boys & Girls Ages 6-9 (2006,'07,'08,'09)

We are introducing some changes to our Intramural (recreational) soccer program.These changes mirror changes that have been implemented by the United States Soccer Federation which include format changes and no goalies (under the age of 8). Development is the priority.  For this reason the Recreational program will be divided into 3 distinct phases.

Phase 1 Pre-season Development

September 6 - October 27
Location: Village Green South
Tuesday & Thursday
U6-U7 4:00-5:00
U8-U9 5:00-6:00
Girls U6-U12 6:00-7:00
$175 (includes practice shirt)

Phase 2 Pre-Competitive with practice games (teams determined by Dec. 1)                                                                                         Location: Village Green South/Practices, St. Agnes/Games

November 1 - February 16
Tuesday & Thursday & Saturday
U6-U7 4:00-5:00 /Saturday 9:30-10:30am
U8-U9 5:00-6:00 /Saturday 10:30-11:30am
Girls U6-U12 6:00-7:00 /Saturday 11:30-12:30
$325 Includes uniform (practice shirts, game jersey, shorts & socks). 
Phase 3 Competitive games & preparation for the next level. 
February 28 - May 18
Location: Village Green South
Tuesday & Thursday & Saturday
U6-U7 4:00-5:00 /Saturday 9:30-10:30am
U8-U9 5:00-6:00 /Saturday 10:30-11:30am
Girls U6-U12 6:00-7:00 /Saturday 11:30-12:30

The PeeWee Program offers soccer to girls and boys ages 3 - 5 (2012,'13,'14).  The Pee-Wee Program is designed to introduce and improve age appropriate technical and tactical abilities of the participants in an environment that will foster an appreciation and enjoyment of the game while focusing on fun and coordination.  Teams will practice twice a week (Monday and Wednesday)

Fee Includes a practice t-shirt.
No Make-up Sessions.  Parents will be notified on rainy days if practice is cancelled.
No Refunds after 1 week.
Suggested items to bring:
Cleats are recommended but not mandatory
Water bottle (Mandatory)
Proper sun screen applied before practice
KBSC offer 3 sessions of PeeWee soccer
9/7 - 11/16 11/21 - 2/15 2/20 - 5/20

4-5pm 2014

5-6pm 2012,'13

4-5pm 2014

5-6pm 2012, '13

4-5pm 2014

5-6pm 2012, '13

$220 $220 $220