Team Manager Meeting Minutes
Team Manager Minutes


Agenda for Tuesday, October 16, 8:00pm, Rec Center, 2nd floor, Adult Lounge. 

Thank you for volunteering as team manager. As a team manager, you are part of the KBSC team. You are welcomed to attend our board meetings as well as join the executive committee which proactively brings important information to the attention of KBSC.  

The mission of KBSC is to build the best quality soccer program that unites children that have a passion for soccer and develop their skills to compete at all levels, while providing a wholesome, well-organized environment to teach teamwork, sportsmanship, and general wellness.

Teams, Team manager & Coaches, do not work independently in KBSC

The main job of the team manager is to facilitate a culture of communication, respect, and focus on player development.


Communication guidelines (example: Email, Whatsapp, FB, and Islander News.)

Please note this important Code of conduct rule of the Key Biscayne /docs/SAPP_9-20-11.pdf (parents & players asked to sign)

6. I will not send any emails, voicemails, or have verbal communication with my coach, Sport Director, or to other parents harassing, and /or showing disrespect to coaches or Program Manager; all complaints must be dealt respectfully & privately with the Coach and/or the Program Manager

For newspapers, like the Islander News, please find a parent who can send a high resolution photo (300dpi) try to use a photo that features all the players, plus a banner in the background that shows either KBSC or the tournament they are participating in.  

Photos for FB can be send via phones (high resolution not necessary, ideally shirts are displaying our Key Biscayne sponsors for travel are: Lucky Explorers, Brigette de Langeron, deRoode Orthodontics, Ayesha, Zambrano Orthodonics).

Team Snap is a great app for organizing schedules, communications, photos and reimbursements.

Venmo is useful app for reimbursements. Just keep notes so you are not taxed on reimbursements as income.

DELEGATE RESPONSIBLITIES TO OTHER PARENTS. Every parents should try to help out.

Chaperone Guidelines:

GOTSOCCER, Team managers will be given usernames & passwords. However, all tournaments, level, etc must be approved by the coach in email form copied to the DOC. Gotsoccer app can be downloaded. Do not create a new account to register any teams!!! The history needs to be under the same teams using the same username & password. 

FYSA Code of Ethics each player and parents were asked to sign this.  We assume that team manager will uphold these rules as an example to others.

LEAGUES: SFUYSA (Broward league), DYSA (Dade league), Miami-Dade League (offers pre-season & Spring season mini leagues U9-U12. 3 Lakes Park) & Florida State Premier League (FSPL)- Division 1 teams are accepted depending on their season's record. Reguires early season games and traveling throughout the state of Florida. 

LEAGUE GAMES These games are part of the coaches salaries, do not compensate for weekend games.  If a game is outside of Broward county (ex. Palm City, Naples, etc) ie any game 50 miles round trip.  Calculate .55 per mile gas/tolls. Refs are paid for by league fees that KBSC covers. 

TOURNAMENTS (rules & procedures) Do not register for a tournament without the approval of the coach as well as the level of competition. Coaches are compensated (U8-U12) $15 per day (3rd day is only for the finals). U13-U17 $13 per day.  Hotel or flights are covered by parents. Some tournament require refs to be paid in cash, also covered by the parents. Many tournaments require that you use the hotel agency for booking rooms. You must comply or be subject to disqualification.

Tournaments also include State Cup (div 1), Regions Cup (div 2) and Commissioners Cup (div 2/3).

Tournaments can be researched here:

EXTRA TRAINING, There is no extra training permitted starting this year. The registration fees cover 3 days a week of training for all Boys teams. Girls 2x a week, extra practices possible. Report if a coach asks to be paid for extra training. 

PLAYER MOVEMENTS: Determined by Coach & DOC

GUEST PLAYERS: Determined by Coach & DOC, outside players from the club are discouraged, only if needed (goalie).

POACHING: Please report any parent/adult or coach talking to players about other clubs/teams, encouraging them to move, etc. 


Medical release forms: Direct parents to download Medical release forms (found on our website), collect and give to coach for tournament check-ins.  Coaches should keep at all times in case there is an emergency and parent is not present. 

If in doubt, do not move a player, call 911. Suggest Miami Children’s Hospital or Joe DiMaggio, not Mercy Hospital as they do not treat children. Urgent Care is also a good option when in doubt (concussion, sprain, broken finger, etc.)

Instant ice packs are something parents can take turns purchasing so they are always available.  

Concussion information is found out our website as well and is part of the registration process.

English and Spanish:

Coaches MUST follow the guidelines set forth by FYSA.

Coaches are NOT permited to drive players. Coaches are NOT permitted to share hotel rooms with players. 

Lightening and Bad Weather:

Recognizing the threat (1) Apply the 30-30 rule — When you see lightning, count the time until you hear thunder.  . If this time is 30 seconds or less, seek proper shelter.  If on Key Biscayne, the alarm will sound. Page 19

FYSA Code of Ethics

Major points regarding behaviour: 


DISCIPLINE, be respectful to all coaches, teammates, officials, and opponents. 

PRACTICE UNIFORMS mandatory as well as shinguards.



Let's encourage good academic habits.  Ask players to submit copies of their progress report cards to the coach so there are no surprises.  


Please report to coach or KBSC consistent problems regarding:

  • Complaining about referees, coach other parents and critiquing players.
  • Sideline coaching.
  • Interrupting coaches during practice.

*VIDEOS for Parents

Entrevista Patricia Ramírez: Padres entrenadores
If Attitudes are Contagious, Let's Make it a Positive One. 
JC 305-525-3441 (text only)
All other matters
305-361-0001, as well as Team Manager Whatsapp chat
Unless it is an emergency, do not text or call after 9:30pm