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2016 Player / Parent Meeting

Player Development Initiatives
The coaching and playing environment needs to be improved for 6-12 year old's
Too much emphasis placed on the result of the game
The priority should be to develop skills and abilities
Long-term development of players is the top priority
•Kids under the age of 12 don’t win World Cups so we should not treat them like adults or professional players
Players need to be put in the best possible environment to succeed
There are no shortcuts Success requires a long-term approach and commitment
KBS Training Birth Year Registration •Registering players according to a January 1 to December 31 timeframe
• 7v7 for U 9 (2008)  U 10 (2007)
• 9v9 for U 11 (2006) U 12 (2005)
• 11V11 for U13 (2004) U14 (2003) U15 (2002) U16 (2001) U17 (2000)
SFUYSA- Regular Season starts in Mid-October
MIAMI DADE LEAGUE U9-U12 Fall & Spring League
DADE LEAGUE U9-U17 Fall & Spring League
3 tournaments in the year (Sep – May)
State Cup (March 18 – May 21)
Regions Cup (Feb 25 – May 21)
Commissioners Cup (March 4 - 27)
Festival (Feb 11) U9 & U10
KBS Training
• The Florida Commissioner's Cup is a statewide competition only. Teams will play within their region before progressing to the finals at the Lake Myrtle Sports Park in Auburndale, FL. Additional information will be made available during the 2016-2017 soccer season. • The Florida Presidents Cup is designed for those teams seeking additional challenges to play against teams of similar abilities for a national title. The cup provides a progressive, competitive experience to teams that might not otherwise get the opportunity to participate in a series of unique experiences highlighting competition, camaraderie and community from the state to regional to national levels of US Youth Soccer. • The Florida State Cup is the first leg of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series and is the highest premiere competition at the state level. The National Championship Series is the country's most prestigious national youth soccer tournament, providing approximately 185,000 players on over 10,000 teams from US Youth Soccer State Associations the opportunity to showcase their soccer skills against the best competition in the nation while emphasizing teamwork, discipline and fair play.
Parents – Must have a Parent Code of Ethics signed and turned in. COMPLAINING (REFS, COACHES) Don’t approach Referees after game or during tournament.
Don’t approach a coach to complain after a game, there is a 48 hour mandatory rule. One can email DOC and coach with complaint.
SIDELINE COACHING Not allowed, what is allowed is cheering in positive manner. Don’t involve other players or own players.
Players – must sign FYSA Code of Ethics, will not be allowed to participate until it is signed and turned in. Wear KBS Practice Uniform
No Obscenities
Players must have Shin guards when playing.
Maintain the field clean
Be polite at all times
No hanging on goals or nets.
When practice is over players must leave field.
Lack of Commitment will result in movement of player.
Player Movementovements
Decision must be between Coach and Director of Coaching.
Players train with the team they play with that upcoming weekend.
We will communicate and explain to player and parents reasons for decisión.
1. Playing Time
2. Canceling Practice
Lightning, 30/30 RULE FOR LIGHTNING Players must take shelter. 6 mile radius use Weather Bug application on phone.
Parents can subscribe to TEXT ALERT
3. Lack of Communication with player and parents
4. Treatment of players
5. Lack of team discipline
6. The rules are the same for everyone
7. Development over winning
KBS Coaches
KBS Training LEAGUE GAMES These games are part of the coaches salaries, do not compensate for weekend games.
If a game is outside of Broward county (Palm City, Naples, etc) Example: any game 50 miles round trip. Calculate .55 per mile gas/tolls.
SFUYSA League (Dade Broward League) Refs Fees are covered by KBSC.
Miami Dade League Referee fees are covered by parents.
TOURNAMENTS (rules & procedures) Must be given to coach on Thursday prior to tournament.
Do not register for a tournament without the approval of the coach as well as the level of competition.
Coaches are compensated (U8-U12) $15 per day per player (3rd day is only for the finals).
U13-U17 $13 per day per player. Hotel or flights are covered by parents.
Some tournament require refs to be paid in cash, also covered by the parents.
KBS Training

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